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It all started in 2012.

Manvinder Singh and Rajinder Singh had an idea that would change the way people looked at their health, and they decided to make it happen. They launched Bio Concept Formulation with a single hair oil called Bio Annie, and it proved to be the greatest product for natural hair development. Customers not only loved Bio Annie Hair oil, but they also urged Bio Concept Formulation to take it a step further. As a result, there was no turning back—and the market’s reaction was incredible.

Bio Concept Formulation is committed to improving healthy lifestyles by providing end solutions with products that consumers trust, buy, and feel good about using. Our focus on improving healthy lifestyles means your health will look younger than ever before with our award-winning health care products like the Bio Cetcal K2-7. You’ll be able to sleep better knowing your teeth are protected against cavities with our Bio Annie Bamboo Toothbrush, and you’ll never have to worry about health again thanks to our Bio Concept Formulation Products.

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